Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Right, Ok then.

Since this space is basically dead, I'm posting here. Its a writing exercise. If that's not OK just let me know, Librarian Lord Randy.

Sometimes, I daydream.

Sometimes it involves a vaguely-Asian, slightly built housekeeper in a french maid outfit, and.... well never mind those. Other times, mostly while sitting amidst traffic calamities, I daydream about posting driving aids along the freeway. I fully admit - I am probably in the minority when I see this as a "problem" since most people tend to blunder along from point A to B without thinking about it.

But I'm starting to think Steve Jackson was on to something, putting guns on cars 20+ years ago. I have to believe it would cut down on the number of lunatics out there. And hey - I'd compromise, say maybe just legalize paint-rounds or something else non-lethal. But damn... some people out there need a shot.

I drive with a few basic concepts in mind, that you could easily put on signs: Don't get in anyone else's way. Don't make other people crash. Drive in the lane you belong in.

Its a pretty simple set of concepts, I think. If I am pulling out into a road, I look to see who is coming like anyone does - and then I think about what *I* am driving. Is it my POS Cavalier? I better have a wide cushion there. Is it my Land-Rocket Subaru? I'll be doing 50 before they could finish calling me a motherfucker, and there will still be 40 feet between us. If I make someone hit the brakes to accommodate me, I fucked up.

On the freeway, I drive as fast as traffic allows. I don't expect to do 80 on the morning commute, and I drive accordingly. I always get a chuckle out of the guy who is weaving like mad in the morning - only to end up 3 cars ahead of me, on the off-ramp. Whats the point, at times like that? If you're in a real hurry - just use the damn shoulder and be done with it. On a related point: why are you driving like a madman in a goddamn MINIVAN?! That thing is a roll-over waiting to happen, you don't need to do 90mph and make it that much more likely... People need to think about what they are driving!

When traffic is lighter, off-hours and weekends, I go a bit faster. If I'm in the left lane, where I belong, why not get out of my way? I do it for others, especially driving the Cavalier that tops out at ~75mph... just looking for some reciprocity out there! If your exit is coming up, say within a mile, GET OVER! Waiting until the ramp is in sight, to try your 3-lane-change is just fucking STUPID. I'm willing to give some people the benefit - maybe they were zoned out there - but when its Captain Swerves-Alot that ends up doing it... well, I find myself reaching for the trigger on my non-existent Anti-Tank Gun. People should pay more attention to where they are at on the road, not just where the road is taking them.

I think its pretty simple, really. Which might be why so few people "get it" - people try to make driving seem like such a hard complicated thing. I can accept that most people don't CARE enough to learn the rules of the road, but I did mention I like to daydream, right....?

Ahhh well, back to my Asian housekeeper fantasy....

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